Message From the President

    Well it finally happened, we had our last official club ride on April 2nd. It was at the Strawberry Visitor's Center. Instead of our usual rally, we turned it into a poker ride and bar b que afterwards. We had a really good turn out for the ride. Afterwards there was lots of good bar b qued steak and chicken and side dishes. Let's just say there was lots of good food and everyone had a really good time.
    At this time I want to thank everyone that helped out this year with all the rides, from the trail leaders to those who planned the bar b ques and lunches to all those who came and rode. You all did a fantastic job. I know how hard it is and how much work is put into doing these things.
    I feel we had a really good riding season this year with lots of good snow. Although most of the rides were not in the most favorable conditions, but that's what made  them so memorable. The most important thing is that nobody got hurt (maybe a few prides hurt, but nothing physical) and no broken down machines.
    I just want to let everyone know about the upcoming highway clean up and spring bar b que. They are both going to be on Sat. June 18th. For the clean up we will meet in Kamas at the Kamas Ranger Office at 9:00 a.m. to get organized then head up the canyon. If we have a good turn out this should only take a few hrs. For those who haven't done this before I really recommend it, just for the reason that the canyon is just gorgeous that time of year. Then that afternoon we will have our annual spring bar b que. This year it will be held in my backyard. Club members of all ages are invited to come and share in all the food, fun and friendships. More on this as the time gets closer.
    Once again I want to thank everyone for your support to make the Salt Lake Valley Snowmobile Club the BEST club in the state.

Russ Mangonealt